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Good Idea, Bad Planning
Is the hype around the government’s regional connectivity scheme (RCS) justified? No doubt, the government has made life easier for airline investors with a raft of incentives. But all those efforts may amount to nothing because of Indian aviation’s perennial infrastructure bottlenecks and the exorbitant costs of owning and running smaller planes. Here is why we think the RCS might face huge challenges. 

What's Going On Inside?
Business class seats are synonymous with ample space. Now airlines want to squeeze in more seats into the front of planes. Aviation design studio Acumen’s setup, introduced recently, is a tweak on the traditional “herringbone” seating configuration that has business class seats placed two-by-two, pivoted towards each other but separated by privacy screens. 

In the new arrangement, passengers sit in one of two types of rows. In the first, the two seats are juxtaposed side by side, both pointing straight ahead, but shielded by a “privacy screen”. They’re flanked in the front and behind by the other row, in which the two seats angle away from the centre of the plane. 

Better 787 Seats
People flying economy in the Boeing 787 Dreamliners needn’t despair. LIFT by EnCore has made improvements in the 787 seats by creating more legroom, and moving the side supports away from the crucial crunch zone between knee and seatback. Passengers will feel they are not being packed in like sardines.

Cool Butts 
There are more seating improvements in the works. Lightweight cushion that retains less heat is part of the raft of innovations underway in aircraft interiors. Here’s a peek into the future of aircraft interior design that will make flying more pleasant.

Things Flight Attendants Do
Air travel is not always sexy. Ask flight attendants who end up cleaning bathrooms. Did you know they beat the stench by pouring hot coffee down the toilets?

Their Wish List  
Flight attendants don’t expect much from passengers. Just saying hello while boarding and paying attention to safety instructions, among other things, would suffice. Be nice to them, or else...

Jobs In The Air
As global passenger numbers are set to double by 2035, more than 36 million new aviation-related jobs will be needed by 2034, estimates airline lobby group IATA. To kickstart aviation careers, IATA offers training in fields as diverse as airline financial management and ancillary revenue strategies.

Middlemen, Take That!
Lufthansa which has been waging a battle against middlemen middlemen who distribute airfares through travel agencies globally has found an ally in Ukraine International Airlines. The airline is adding a $9 fee per segment for bookings made through the four global distribution systems — Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, and Travelsky — that process nearly all airline tickets worldwide that are not sold directly by airlines. This could encourage more airlines to join the fight.

Boeing 737 Max 9 Takes Off
The variant of the recast 737 completed its first flight on April 13. Boeing says the planesreduce operating costs by 8% than its key competitor, increases fuel efficiency by 1.8% and the interiors "dramatically elevates the passenger experience". That is why the planemaker believes the 737 MAX family will have more takers with low-cost carriers (LCCs) in Asia-Pacific region.